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Dr. Ritter at a Conference in China

My name is Dr. med Henning Ritter. I am a Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, specially on the field of Oncology (gynaecological oncologist). My Specialities are great multivisceral radical operations, inclouding robotic guided laparoscopies. In breast surgery flap plastic surgery. From 2003 until 2013 I worked in the Pius Hospital in Oldenburg as the assistant director of the gynaecological department. I was the director of the breast centrum and the gynaecological cancer center. I did work in Botswana for nearly 10 years in two Mission Hospitals as medical superintendent. Our hospital is specialised in carcinoma surgery, reconstructive mamma surgery and endoscopic operations.Our Hospital is certified by onkozert and Eusoma. As one hospital with 2 gynaecological oncologists we can offer the full education in this part of Gynaecology
In the obstetric department we have about 700 deliveries a year. We see ourself as natural birth attendants and conduct water deliveries. We do favour the Misgav Ladach sectio in our hospital. Since July 2013 I am retired. Since than I do special courses in Germany, Sierra Leone, Laos and China. China



All information is ment to inform the patients and to promote their health. The therapy is not a therapy of a single hospital.

cklick hereMore than ten years as doctor in Africa

cklick hereSince 1992 I work as a consultant in a German hospital.

As soon as ELA has its homepage the link will be connectedIn our hospital we do mamma surgery with all plastic surgery, and we test Mamma carcinoma against cytostatica.

As a member of the workgroup of gynaecological endoscopy and and breast surgery I organise medical workshops with life surgery. If you are interested in more information please write to me.

I am an executive member of the workgroup "Frauengesundheit in der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit". We organise workshops for oversee-doctors and give advise to anybody in connection with Gynaecology in the third world, go to my guestbook for questions and comments.

Consultancies: Feasibility study in respect of implementing family planning in Vietnam. Field work with the Red Cross in Tansania (Ruandian Refugee camp).

Since 2013 I am retiered and I do Operationcourses and Laparoscopy Courses all over the world and I am open for new Ideas. If you are interested please contact me.

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